Around The Web: J.L Gould, and Boggle the owl

More awesome things from around the web! Two artists who always make me smile, if for different reasons.


This Woman Wanders

This Woman Wanders is the travel blog of nature photographer J.L. Gould.  Jen is a friend of mine and an awesome nature photographer. She captures the beauty of the world in amazing photographs, which you can view at her website, Photography of JL Gould. I was going to link to favorites but honestly I love them all, the landscapes in particular. There’s just something magical about the pictures she captures.

I met Jen via some other blogging site back in the day and was really happy to see her start her travel blog here at WordPress.  I always look forward to her heading off on another adventure because not only does that mean I get to read blog entries about her travels, but also see cool new photos she takes along the way.

You should definitely head over and Follow her blog. Not only will you then be able to join the fun in following her adventures and viewing her photography, but if you head over to the entry Reno! And who wants free stuff? you can, as the title suggests, enter a chance to win free stuff!  Here’s what she has to say:

I want an additional 50 followers in the next month.  I should be back home by then.  Should I reach that goal, I will pick two people (one person and the person they choose when entering) at random for a free 12×18 print (normally $54) of any print from this trip (see the On The Road gallery at

So head on over and follow for a chance at some really spectacular photography! More details at the entry.

“Boggle is worried about you! Boggle is also an owl.”

Boggle Loves You

Boggle Loves You is a Tumblr about a little owl named Boggle that loves you and wants you to be happy. He offers support and advice for those who ask and those who just observe. Boggle is an awesome ray of sunshine in an otherwise sometimes negative internet and always makes me smile.

Boggle is the creation of Aria Heller and was originally just a one shot drawing to cheer up some friends. Heller says that she’s not really an experienced cartoonist, and you can see the artistic adventure it’s been from Boggle’s first appearance to today, which honestly is part of the charm in my opinion.  This is just one woman doing something to help cheer people up, and she’s learning as she goes.


Around The Web

I’ve decided to start a series of posts where I can share awesome people and things I find around the web. There’s so many people doing amazing things!

I thought about making these themed but decided that’d be a bit much, so these posts will be completely random. The only thing in common all of the Around The Web posts will have in common is that they’re full of fun things that caught my attention.  And without further ado, the first Around The Web post:

Grandmother’s Love by Kelli Nelson

1. Cheap Paper Art

Cheap Paper Art is the website of artist Kelli Nelson. Above is an example of one of her prints, which I’ve seen in person and is as beautiful in its physical form as it is on your computer screen. The thing about Kelli is that I just love her style of artwork no matter what the subject matter is.  It’s always fun and interesting to see what she’s working on next. She’s covered the geeky (Skeletor anyone?) to the intensely personal (The Egoist, the story of her parent’s divorce hearing) and all of it in her own unique style.

Full disclosure, Kelli is actually a friend of mine. She’s the reason I attended San Diego Comic Con, helping out at her booth a couple of years. She’s a pretty awesome person and a wonderful artist and if you have the time you should totally check out her work and make a stop at her store.

Plume by K. Lynn Smith

2. Plume

Plume is a beautiful and fun comic and the creation of K. Lynn Smith.  I love the entire thing, from the art work to the characters to the story.  Taken from the website:

Plume is a story set in the Old West about a girl named Vesper Grey and her supernatural companion, Corrick. On their quest to recover her father’s life work, they encounter new friends and new foes, and learn that the Wild West really does live up to its name.

If you enjoy stories with strong female leads, supernatural elements, humor, adventure, the Wild West, mystery, or beautiful artwork I really super highly suggest you check it out. Start from the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.

And if you find that you love Plume as much as I have, there’s currently a Kickstarter drive to help print a 5-issue miniseries. You can pledge and receive rewards and be able to hold copies of Plume right in your happy little hands!

3. BlogLabs

BlogLabs was created to bring bloggers together. It’s a place where you can find new bloggers to read, post your own entries, link to your own website, and be part of a happy blogging community.

You can Blog, Vlog, write reviews, share views, submit fiction, non fiction.  Anything you like really!  The purpose of blaglabs is to simply share your thoughts with other bloggers & writers.

It’s a little start-up website by Brad, a fellow geek who decided to jump into the blogging world. But it’s not just about blogging and sharing articles, it’s about being a community. You can private message other members, chat on the forums, and create friends.  It’s a really neat idea to not only hopefully gain more readers on your own blog, but to make new friends in the blogging world.

And that’s a wrap for the first ever Around The Web post. Hope you enjoyed – and feel free to share any nifty sites you’ve found around the web in the comments!

“Annas feet”

As I’ve looked over the search terms that land people at my blog I’ve noticed a certain term popping up repeatedly: “Annas feet”

Now, I’m pretty sure that my Anna’s feet are not what they’re looking for, but I’ll update you all just in case.  And because it amuses me.

Anna and her feet.

As some of you may recall, Anna developed some sores on her pads during our time walking across the desert and had to rest for part of the walk.  I’m happy to say that these days Anna and her feet are doing well. Other than some nails that need some clipping (a battle that is ongoing), she’s 100%.

A soothing mud bath for those aching paws.

Her injuries are completely healed up and have been for some time. She’s eager as ever to get out and go for walks and adventures in the woods or wherever. Of course, even when she did have injuries and was hopping about on 2 or 3 legs (depending) she was still eager to go walking and continue our adventure. Gotta keep an eye on that one.


A little while ago I stumbled across  Alastair Humphreys and his idea of the “microadventure”:

Simple expeditions and challenges which are close to home, affordable and easy to organise. Ideas designed to encourage ordinary people to get Out There and Do Stuff for themselves, even in these tightened financial times.


I absolutely love this idea. It really stresses how Adventure is not a destination, but a state of mind.

You don’t need to be flying across the globe or walking across a continent to be having an adventure. Having an adventure is not limited to those that are rich or have the finest fanciest gear or even those who are at peak fitness. Adventures are for everyone, and the idea behind microadventures really highlights that fact.

A microadventure can be anything – any outing or expedition that is a challenge to you and an inspiration to yourself and others.  The main thing is your attitude and way of thinking. It’s not just a walk in the park, it’s an adventure – a microadventure! This could be tenting with the kids or friends in the yard for a weekend. Taking a hike up that mountain the town over. A roadtrip exploring new-to-you areas. Running a marathon.  Exploring the woods out back of your house.

Who knows where your next adventure might lead. This one lead to poor Koopa being stuck in a tree – but that’s okay, because it was surely a grand adventure getting up there!

The important part is getting up and out and challenging yourself.  Because that’s what adventuring is all about – challenging yourself and others to push beyond the norm.  As Mr Humphreys says,

“Adventure is stretching yourself; mentally, physically or culturally. It is about doing what you do not normally do, pushing yourself hard and doing it to the best of your ability.”


So what will your next microadventure be?

As for me, I’m off to continue my adventures in horse wrangling (aka there are new horses in the field and I’m going to go introduce myself to them, hoping that they’re as friendly as the others so that I continue Operation Horse Sense).

Sometimes I wonder how I survived.

There are times when I look back at some of my experiences and decisions on my Walk and think to myself, how the heck did I actually survive that?  Like this one from day 2 in Hancock, Maryland where I was hiding from a massive storm:


The funny thing about this video is it wasn’t until I was watching it last night that I realized that what I called a fire station alarm was most likely a TORNADO SIREN OMG.  And it had gone off three times already.  And there I was sitting in a wire and aluminum shelter.  Seriously, how did I survive this trip?


To be fair, I had been listening to my little weather radio and was aware of tornado spottings in the area. It’s just…I’m from Maine, people. We don’t have tornado sirens here. If you hear a siren it’s a pretty sure bet that it’s just the fire station downtown. Logically I knew about tornado and storm sirens, I just didn’t think about it at the time. Thankfully I was lucky and no tornadoes actually touched down where I was. I remember hearing about one or two little ones in the nearby areas, but only golf ball sized hail, strong winds, thunder and rain where I was.

Honestly, I had the best luck along this trip. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but looking back I’m just constantly amazed at the dangers I narrowly avoided.

Sad Horse News

Sad news everybody, Operation Horse Sense is on hold indefinitely. :(

Last week I woke up and got ready to head out for my daily dose of horse only to be confronted with an empty pasture.  I didn’t say anything, hoping that the horses would return. The owners will sometimes bring their daughters over and take the horses out for a ride, so I was hoping this was the case. However, after a long weekend in Rhode Island visiting family we came back to a still-empty pasture. *sad trombone*

There is good to this. The horses were really tearing up the pasture and it could definitely use some recovery time. Also I don’t have to worry about horse-dog interactions when I take the dogs down for a swim in the ponds. Also also, I have been using the well trod paths left by the horses as a bike path, which the dogs find highly amusing.

Overall I think I made some excellent progress in my week of Operation Horse Sense. I got to the point where I actually voluntarily touched horses without flinching or being terrified all of the time. I learned a bit about horses and horse behavior, and overall it was a positive experience.

I’m not 100% comfortable around the big animals, but I’m a lot more at ease than when I started. So that’s something. And who knows, maybe the horses will make a return before the end of summer.

For now, though, I’ll entertain myself riding the trails on my bike while the dogs chase along.

Horse trails make for excellent bike trails.